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Fluid Intelligence

Welcome to Liquid Innovation Co.'s playground Here, we embrace the dynamic blend of inspiration and empowerment to foster impactful innovation. Our focus on fluid intelligence allows us to seamlessly navigate from emerging trends to actionable opportunities, crafting strategies that bring ideas to life. Join us as we leverage creativity and adaptability to drive meaningful change and innovation. Together, we turn visions into reality.

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Innovation Strategy,                  Pipeline Development & Validation

How to foresee the future of beverages 5-10 years ahead? This is not futurology. In the opposite, it is to create the future you want to lead. A complete new and disruptive portfolio for The Coca-Cola Company covering Europe, Middle East and Africa consumer unmet needs. Strategy and pipeline of innovation for future consumers demands a multicultural approach, a scientific development along with R&D and a real market validation.

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How might we connect meaningfully the Innovation ecosystem with brands and audience? Fluid Minds is the solution we´ve created to set around all innovation ecosystem. Bringing different perspectives in this talk show, the fluid minded invitees entertain, educate and provoke colisions that are meaningful. Access on

Meaningful Ideation. Helping EDP foundation bring energy to Portuguese

Meaningful Ideation. Helping EDP foundation bring energy to Portuguese. Imagine uniting 120 creative minds to tackle the challenge of energy poverty in Portugal. That’s exactly what we did! Liquid Innovation Co. has partnered with Newmanity School to deliver innovative solutions to EDP Foundation and Just a Change Org. Our mission? To generate awareness, recruit volunteers, and raise funds to support the 20% of Portuguese people living in energy poverty. This is about giving back to society.

Entrepreneurship Education for high school

Entrepreneurial education for high schoolers. We´ve got a dream that is to transform the world in a better plavce to be and we believe this can be achieved through real innovation. Those that will promote this change are in the school today. So we are giving them entrepreneurial superpowers! Startying from United Lisbion International School, to spread all over Europe, then the world, for private and public education. For All!

Igniting innovation strategy: bringing futuristic ideas to life from R&D creative minds

How could the Coca-Cola scientists turn visionary strategy for the next decade into reality? By leveraging cutting-edge innovation techniques, we used dynamic methods along with right behaviors, helping150 creative scientists to land strategic thinking into prototypes. The 3-day immersive strategy to ideation session at Disney World Paris provided the perfect environment to spark creativity, blending imagination with innovation and leading to groundbreaking market advancements.

Smart City of Rock

City of Rock of The Future is coming! We are in a mission to transform The City of Rock into a smart city concept. In 2024, we introduced over 300,000 people to cutting-edge experiences in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensor technology. This initiative combines trend-watching, tech startups, big techs, innovative brands, universities, and European Gov entities. Everyone is invited to help build the City of Rock of the Future, for a better world for all.

Leveraging the potential: organizing financial process for growth

How Could Companies Prepare for Growth Through Innovation? Growth can be painful, especially when you're unprepared. The worst fate for an innovation pipeline is a company that can't harness its full potential. ArtZ faced this challenge and needed strategic financial planning and processes. We deployed our Hyperformers to take this step forward. We are glad to see new branches coming to life. This is the 3rd in a row. Don't let growth catch you off guard. Prepare, innovate, and thrive.

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