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Terms of use 
Liquid Innovation Co landing page

Last Update: March 3, 2024


Welcome and thank you for using

LIQUID INNOVATION CO provides you with solutions, products and services when you visit or shop at

LIQUIDINNOVATION.CO, when you use LIQUID INNOVATION CO products and services


By accessing or using our Landing Page, you agree to be bound by these Terms and to comply with their rules. You must read these Terms carefully and carefully, as they contain important information about your rights and obligations regarding access to, or use of, the solutions or services of LIQUID INNOVATION CO, with address Rua Artur Bual, 3, 4E, Oeiras, Portugal, 2770-198.


We offer a wide range of solutions, products and services and sometimes additional terms may apply.

These terms of use aim to define the rules to be followed for the use of exclusive products and services from LIQUID INNOVATION CO, and through its official partners for all users anywhere in the world, without prejudice to the application of current legislation.



LIQUIDINNOVATION.CO is a landing page that offers business model solutions for entrepreneurs that should be used by anyone who wants to undertake, educate themselves, professionals or companies that want consultancy, education, or innovation outsourcing services, if necessary adapt products and solutions according to the specific case used.

LIQUID INNOVATION CO may offer users/customers, at its discretion, free products, models and tools for tasting. When downloading any tool or content for free or purchasing any product or contracting services implies full acceptance of the conditions set out in this Terms of Use, warning that these conditions may be modified without prior notification. The LIQUID INNOVATION CO landing page provides a set of online resources that allow its Users/customers to consume our products and contract services that offer content in different digital formats (video classes, business tools, briefing, e-book, etc.) , specialized consultancy and services for your business. When Users carry out a transaction on a Product or type of service through the landing page, a contract is concluded directly between the User and LIQUID INNOVATION CO, as well as between the user and the service provider.



When using our Landing Page as a Buyer Client, Speaker, Partner in on-demand projects and businesses, or Consultant, you are a contractor for LIQUID INNOVATION CO's products and services, and do not become an employee, collaborator, representative, agent, partner, or associate of LIQUID INNOVATION CO. You may not present yourself as having such ties with Liquid. You must act

exclusively in its own name and for its own benefit, and cannot act on behalf or for the benefit of LIQUID INNOVATION CO, except in written agreement, respecting legal regulations, the rules of these Terms of Use.


Once you register your purchase, you will be the owner of the purchased product and the material accessed can only be used by you and cannot be sold.



Permission is granted to download temporarily or permanently (when purchasing a product) a copy of the materials (courses, video classes, projects, business plans, briefing, etc.) on this Landing Page, for personal and non-commercial transitory viewing only. . You can not:

1. modify or copy the materials;

2. use the materials for any commercial purpose or for public display (commercial or non-commercial);

3.remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials; or

4. transfer the materials to another person or 'mirror' the materials on any other server.


1. By confirming your registration, you will be authorizing LIQUID INNOVATION CO to send Newsletters (newsletters and promotions) to your email.

2. This site will send the Newsletters discussed here at no financial cost to the requester.

3. When completing the registration, the applicant must provide a valid email account to receive newsletters, which is mandatory if they wish to receive the Newsletter.



1. When contacting us through a form as well as by email or telephone, your data will be provided voluntarily and with your consent to process the contact request;

2. Please note that we do not share personally identifiable information publicly or with third parties except when required by law;

3. Any actions will not be accepted alleging ignorance of the terms of use and privacy involving this form;


From now on, you commit to keeping your personal information up to date. You also agree that you will keep your email and payment information secure and out of the reach of third parties.


We reserve the right to suspend or cancel, at any time, your access to the application in case of suspected fraud, obtaining a benefit or advantage illegally, or due to non-compliance with any conditions set out in these Terms of Use, in the Policy Privacy Policy or applicable legislation. In these cases, no compensation will be owed to you, and LIQUID INNOVATION CO may take any other measures necessary to pursue and protect your interests.

The user undertakes to make correct use of the platform in accordance with the laws, good faith, and this Terms of Use and/or specific internal Terms of Use of the applications, and will be responsible to LIQUID INNOVATION CO or third parties, for any damages that may be caused as a result of violation of any obligations or guidelines imposed here.



1. All rights relating to LIQUID INNOVATION CO and its functionalities are the exclusive property of the application contents of courses, e-books, projects, business plans, briefing, produced directly or indirectly by LIQUID INNOVATION CO.

All LIQUID INNOVATION CO contents are protected by copyright and intellectual property law.

2. It is prohibited to use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, display, license, sell or exploit and reverse engineer the contents created by and through LIQUID INNOVATION CO without consent prior and express application. Any unauthorized use will be considered a violation of copyright and intellectual property.



1. For us at LIQUID INNOVATION CO, the quality of the materials made available to the user is of paramount importance. Their creation is the result of a lot of work and dedication from our developers, partners, consultants and experts. Therefore, we reaffirm that LIQUID INNOVATION CO guarantees that all rights, title and interest (including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights) over the services and products made available by us will remain under the ownership of LIQUID INNOVATION CO.

2. The user will not acquire any ownership rights over LIQUID INNOVATION CO's services and content, except as expressly granted in these Terms of Use.

3. It is prohibited for the user to download our content with the intention of storing it in a database to offer it to a third party other than the user. The content made available by us is also prohibited from being used to create a database or service that could compete in any way with our business.



When accessing our registration, you undertake to adequately and correctly fill in all the data requested by LIQUID INNOVATION CO. We may use any legally permitted means to identify you, and we may request additional data from you at any time to complement those already provided. If you submit untrue, incorrect or incomplete information, your registration on our Landing Page may be suspended or canceled. LIQUID INNOVATION CO may refuse your registration or cancel it if it understands that there are signs that you are using or tend to use our Landing Page in violation of these Terms.



You are solely responsible for your login, your password, and any use made through your account on our Landing Page. LIQUID INNOVATION CO is not responsible for any damages, whether pecuniary or non-pecuniary, resulting from the misuse of your account by third parties. It is essential that you maintain the confidentiality and security of your account access credentials on our Landing Page, which are personal and non-transferable. Do not disclose or share these credentials with third parties. If you know or suspect that your access credentials have been lost, stolen, misappropriated by third parties, had their confidentiality compromised or were otherwise

used without your authorization, it is your responsibility to immediately notify LIQUID INNOVATION CO.



When providing your Personal Data in forms for registration, sending a CV, on the Landing Page or participating in events, lectures or competitions promoted by LIQUID INNOVATION CO, partners or contracting companies, the User expressly consents to the terms below:

1. By filling out registration forms, terms that request Personal Data and/or participation in promotions, competitions, lectures or events made available and promoted by us, we provide the User with an option to receive emails and/or communications via messaging applications, with generic or specific content, related to its activities, including but not limited to: reports, communication at events as speakers, provision of images (photos) and resumes of specialists on the landing page and other activities carried out by LIQUID INNOVATION CO and its partners, hereinafter referred to as marketing agency for consultants and business partners.

2. Agency communication from contracting consultants and business partners will only be made available with their prior and express consent, duly registered in our database, through registration on the landing page and confirmation via email.

3. Based on the consent provided by the User/Consultant/Speaker to receive communication

marketing agency, LIQUID INNOVATION CO will process the Personal Data provided at the time of registration, creating a personalized User profile. This profile may be combined with other data collected about you through Cookies, for example, to enable us to send marketing communications consistent with your profile.

4. By filling out the form available on our Landing Page, the following Personal Data must be provided:

full name, CPF/NIF, date of birth, email and cell phone, you will receive confirmation via registered email of the Consent Form that will allow your Personal Data to be stored and used for personalized marketing communication for your agency .

5. The User declares to be aware that the processing of Personal Data also includes the sharing of these by LIQUID INNOVATION CO, as Controller, with its contracting partners, as Operators, with the exclusive purpose of allowing the sending of disclosure of agency and management of the User base.

6. The User authorizes, of his own free will, for the same purposes, the assignment of rights to broadcast the images without receiving any type of remuneration for this purpose.



The payment system for LIQUID INNOVATION CO's products and services will be used for transactions carried out in EUR currency within the application, by credit card, or other methods offered by the PAYPAL, G Pay and MERCADOPAGO platforms or others, in accordance with the terms of use on the payment administrators' email address.

The use of the Landing Page is subject to the choice of products and services for use in the application. They are only charged upon confirmation of contracting the product by the user with an approved bank transaction.

The processing of payment information and payment confirmation will be carried out by third-party systems (e.g. financial institution or credit card administrator), with the platform being a mere interface between the customer and these systems.

LIQUID INNOVATION CO may refuse or cancel a purchase order, in addition to payment, if it identifies that the Buyer's data is not fully filled with real information about you.

Occasionally, we may send electronic coupons to you by email or make them available through the Landing Page. These are codes that the User can enter on our Landing Page to be eligible for some promotions. Electronic coupons are subject to these Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions indicated at the time of issuing the electronic coupon.

To use an electronic coupon, the user must enter the respective code at the appropriate stage of the purchase process on our Landing Page. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel an electronic coupon for any reason at any time.

Payments relating to contracts signed to provide services offered by LIQUID INNOVATION CO between its partners, specialists, consultants and customers, will be determined in accordance with the clauses described in the contract.



These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law. Any disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.

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